Doodling mermaids! 

Doodling mermaids! 

Commission for Laura of herself and her cutie pie kitty, Duffy!

You can find my commission info here!
Get your own chibi for £18/$30!!

Commission for Slug of his cute punky Succupus

How do you cope drawing all those tentacles man, just her arms made me so stressed

Well the good news is my blood pressure is OK…

I’m booked in for a bloodtest too, but my heart was apparently also making a whooshing noise, so I’m being booked in for an echo cardiogram (heart ultrasound)…

//distressed animal noises

Comparison of ‘tired nighttime art student’ me and ‘ready for a day out and free pizza’ me

Commission for Becca! Of her human OC Rei, anthro-ised…they’re a…Rei-gndeer. Muffled laughter

Commission 2/2 for Alice, as a gift for Liam, of his OC Mae! 

Mae is a super kawaii water element lady and I want 10 of her

the pizza is aggressive

(Updated my blog code, beware the flying pizzas)

Commission for Alice of her OC Celxia!